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 State-of the-art technology and reliability.

Giorgi was founded in 1971 as the producer of flexible metal hoses. Today we are one of the leading European plant manufacturers: we design and produce expansion joints, rubber joints and hoses, flexible hoses in metal flexible choses and wide range of complements. Recent research performed by the Bocconi University cited us as one of the most significant examples of a company that is competitive in international markets, both in terms of innovation and efficiency.

Our method is simple: we look after everything.

Each year, we improve our machines, which are exclusively designed for us; we perfect our production processes and develop new products. This allows us to maintain our production in Italy, even although we generate 80% of our turnover abroad, and to compete with markets in which the cost of labour is extremely low. We look after everything, from the design stage to the final audit: we are the ones who adapt to suit our customers’ requirements, and never the other way round.

Our method is simple: we look after everything.
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